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With Codata Explorer, I can

Retailers and distribution chains

  • Find the perfect Location
  • Avoid travelling
  • Compile my presentation reports
  • Draw up a development plan
  • Identify and contact the persons in charge
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Commercial real estate advisors

  • Present a Retail Location
  • Find Retailers for a vacant retail unit
  • Make up prospective lists
  • Contact leasing managers
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Lessors, developers and investors

  • Analyse the commercial offer
  • Know the commercial Projects
  • Assess the needs by activities
  • Identify absent Retailers
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Experts and market research companies

  • Complete my reports
  • Import data into my GIS
  • Know the history of a Site
  • Know the commercial offer
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Codata Explorer

In Europe, Codata Explorer is the most comprehensive database dedicated to commercial real estate and retail. Coherent, accurate and regularly updated data is available 24/7 for ten countries.

  • 5,000,000
    consulted pages
  • 7,700
    Key Plans
  • 25,000
  • 7,000
  • 2,000,000
  • 2,500
    Service Providers
  • 1,200,000
    km per year
  • 1,000
  • 700,000
  • 95%
    of client retention rate
  • 99.9%
    of availability
  • 7,700
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