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Log in to Codata Explorer

It is very easy to log in to Explorer: you need your username or email address, your password and - for a first or new connection - an additional code sent to the e-mail address linked to your access.

Where can I log in?

The homepage of Codata Explorer provides a login area in the top right corner of the page. Enter your username or email address and your password.

You must then enter the additional code sent to the e-mail address linked to your access; that's it.

Once you are logged on, you will be taken to your "Dashboard" page, which contains links to most of the services in your "Subscriber Area".

Your "session" (period of activity without having to reenter your username and your password) will last 1 month.

Any new session will require the introduction of a login, password and additional code.

  • Your username and password will remain unchanged.
  • The additional code will be sent to the e-mail address linked to your access.


  • you may switch from the field "username" to the field "password" using the "tab key".
  • after you have entered your password, the "enter" key enables you to launch the authentication without clickling on "Login".
  • if your browser enables you to, you may save your username and password to start your next session faster.
  • don't forget to include the login page in your list of favourite websites.

You cannot log in

When the combination of your username and password is not correct, you are not allowed to log in. Explorer will display an error message on a red background.

If you have forgotten your password or username, take contact with the person in charge of the Codata Explorer subscription in your company or contact Codata at the following email address:

You need a username for a further user

Please use this contact form if you wish to add a further user to your company's account.

All possibilities to manage your subscriber area are described here.

The userbar on the top right corner of the page: the access to important resources

Once you are authenticated, Explorer diplays a personal bar with three important menus in the top right corner of each page:

  1. Access to all support functions, including the online help
  2. Access to your subscriber area where you can find all information on your subscription to Codata Explorer
  3. The number of pending notifications (messages).

Do the right thing:

  • Consult your messages/notifications as soon as a red figure is displayed
  • Consult the support tools for any question.

Why should I secure my own password?

A password is meant to be and remain secret. Think about your online bank account.

It is also true for Codata Explorer as your online activity generates the count of Codata units corresponding to the consulted pages and maps and to the downloaded data. You are thus responsible for the protection of your usernames.

A tip for a strong password? A strong password requires a mixture of 8 characters, including capital and small letters, at least one number and one symbol (for instance $, *,µ, etc.).


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