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Use the Cartographic Interface?

Codata mapping comes with many tools that allow you to navigate, zoom, view searches, draw and annotate. All plans are downloadable.

Access to the cartographic interface

There are several accesses to the cartographic interface.

From the list of Sites or the list of Projects

This way, you can visualise the perimeter of the Site or the location of the Project. From there, you can zoom in/out and move

From the list of Locations

This way, you can visualise all details of the environment of the chosen Location.

By clicking on the link "Display these Sites on a map"

This way, you can visualise the situation of all Sites you obtained as a search result.

Components of the map window

The cartographic interface is made up of three parts:

  • The map itself, whose dimensions adapt automatically to your screen configuration

  • The "command buttons" that allow you to use various functionalities

  • A complete map key is accessible from the "map key" button

This map key can be downloaded in PDF format.


Display to view the positioning of Sites, Locations and Projects resulting from your search on the map. It is also possible to display the out of criteria elements of your search.

Thematic maps to display various criteria (activities, retailers, new shops, vacant locations) corresponding to colour codes.

span class="strong">To know the commercial offer present in a Geometry»

The "Print-Save" area gives you the opportunity to save the displayed map in PNG and PDF format.

For the PNG format, click on the pictogram and the area visible on the screen is imported in the file.

For PDF files, you can choose among 4 formats: A3 Landscape and Portrait, A4 Landscape and Portrait.

It is advisable to use the preview mode to adjust the framing you wish to save.

When the preview mode is enabled, the cartographic interface decreases in 2 zoom levels to allow you to adjust the framing with precision.

Select one of the A4 and A3 formats. The area to print is highlighted. A simple "click and drag" allows you to adjust the area you wish to print.

Print or save your maps in the desired format by clicking on the A4 and A3 pictograms. To display the preview, the cartographic interface decreases in 2 zoom levels. Nevertheless, it is the initial level that is downloaded and appears in the PDF file.

To exit the preview mode, click again on "Activate preview mode".

The cartographic interface offers many possibilities:

  • Easy browsing
  • Positioning of the shops you are looking for
  • Thematic maps
  • Measuring tools
  • Insertion of custom pictograms
  • Saving and printing in PNG and PDF formats.

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