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Manage your account via the subscriber area

My subscription

The first screen of the subscriber area details:

  • The features of the subscription
  • The number of subscribed and used Codata units
  • The enabled/disabled options of your subscription

If the person that consults the page is the manager of the subscription, he/she can click on three buttons to:

  1. Modify the subscription (reproduction rights, new rate, early renewal, extra access(es)
  2. Request for credit use statistics of Codata units
  3. Request statistics per user.

Users and passwords

On this screen, the data of each user and the rights granted to each user (for instance, reproduction rights and data download rights) are summarised.

The manager of the account can also:

  1. Modify a user's data (first & last name, email address, phone number and right to download data)
  2. Deactivate a user.

  1. Assign available access by creating a new user.

My data files

After downloading one or several files, the user will still have access to the same file(s) for fifteen days and will be able to download it/them again. After fifteen days, the data will not be accessible anymore.

Submit a request

This section gives you access to a structured form that enables you to send a request to Codata team. It will answer as soon as possible.


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