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Search for retailers for a vacant location?

Codata Explorer allows you to find retailers that are likely to occupy a vacant retail unit and so, to target your prospecting.

Search engine and list of results

The retailers search engine allows you to target retailers according to their development criteria. Of course, you know the features of your available location and will thus be able to fill in the search form with them.

Define precise criteria in order to get the most relevant list of retailers.

Select a retailer

Do not introduce the name of a retailer in this unit, but tick the country in which the location is. If your location is located in France, it is useless to look for a retailer that only develops its network in Luxembourg.

Activity(ies) of the retailer(s)

You know your location and know which activity (or activities) would be appropriate. First, you can aim for a wide range of retailers. Depending on the results you get, you can restart a search with a more focused activity.

Present / Absent

It makes sense that you have to look for retailers that are from the geographical area in which your location is located.
You can select the finest geographical granularity, namely the Codata site, and you will get the list of retailers that are absent from the site.
However, some of the displayed retailers might already be present in the commercial cluster or in the city.
If you wish to avoid them in your list of results, you should expand your search to the cluster or city, or even to the province or department.

Development criteria

In this unit, you have to tick the criteria that correspond to the features of your location. Shopping street if your location is located in a shopping (high)street, the segment of its surface area etc.

Further options

In this unit, you are going to choose the size of the network you wish to attract. For instance, you could decide that the retailer you are looking for has at least 100 shops in your country, or on the contrary, belongs to a modest size network and counts less than 20 shops.

Gather contacts and offer your location

If the list still contains too many retailers, it is advisable to refine your search once again. It will allow you to better target your search.

As soon as you get a satisfying list, you can gather the contact details.

To get contact information, you have several possibilities at your disposal. You can:

  • download the file of the obtained retailers in XLS format
  • download the vCards (calling card format) of various contacts
  • use the email collecting tool to only get email addresses.

If you use the email collecting tool, you will be able to send your offers straight away by email to the contacts you will have selected.

By ticking the addressees of your choice, you make up a list of emails to which you will be able to send the presentation report of the retail unit you wish to sell or rent.

The retailers search engine allows you to find retailers that are not present in a defined geographical area. This way, you can find retailers that are likely to occupy a vacant location by refining your search using surface area, positioning, activity or network dimension criteria.


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