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Know a Project?

Codata Explorer allows the selection of Projects. There are several types of Project: "creation", "extension", "renovation", "transfer", "urban planning" and "new traffic builder".

To be referenced, a Project doesn't need to have an operating licence or authorisation. Projects are usually listed before they are granted administrative authorisations. However, each Project must be substantial in its agglomeration.

With an example, let's discover the features of a Site and its environment in Codata Explorer.

Search and list of Project(s)

Enter the geographical area of your choice in the Project search engine. Let's take the urban unit of Lille (France) as an example.

Select one or several type(s) of Project and/or add further options.

The list of Projects presents the main features of each Project and offers links to more comprehensive information.

Link to the Project index card

In the list of Projects, you only have to click on the name of the Project to display the Project index card.

This index card includes all information collected by Codata teams on the selected Project: situation, type of Project, type of site, forecast opening, surface area, number of parking spaces, announced retailers etc.

Of course, the wealth of the index card depends on information that could be collected and on the will of the developer to communicate on the Project. This explains why some index cards will be more comprehensive than others.

Important element: The Project index card also includes a link to the index card of the developer, owner or lessor in charge of the Project. It is thus always possible to contact them and ask for further details.

Finally, data related to each Project are updated at least twice a year: once on the field by data collectors and a second time by the support team that is in charge of press monitoring and that continuously stays in touch with commercial real estate professionals.

Link to the cartographic interface

You can access the cartographic interface from the list of Projects by clicking on the "map pictogram" located at the end of the line of each Project. The displayed map is centered on the Project.

A fast browsing in the cartographic interface allows you to easily locate the Project in its close and more distant environment.

At that point, the measuring tool is very useful to calculate the distance separating the Project from another site and/or Project.

Further stars may be displayed on the map. They allow you to directly open the index card of other Projects situated in the urban agglomeration.

Compile your presentation report

All available data, all lists and all maps can be downloaded in PDF format. Thus, Codata Explorer gives you the opportunity to compile your presentation reports and to customise them by integrating the lists, index cards and visual effects of your choice.
You can also download data in XLS format. This will enable you to treat it differently and/or import it in your own databases.
If you need help regarding download, see "Data download".

A whole presentation report can be made for a Project with Codata Explorer.
This presentation report will include a detailed index card, maps and pictures. All these elements are dated and compiled with precision.


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