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Make a search

Codata Explorer offers you many search options. Discover the different search engines and help tools.

To begin with: what are you looking for?

Codata Explorer provides you with five search engines to answer all your questions. Each engine corresponds to a menu item displayed at the top of the page. These five menus are:

  1. Search for one or several Locations
  2. Search for one or several Sites
  3. Search for one or several Projects
  4. Search for one or several Retailers
  5. Search for one or several Service providers

Each of these five terms is accurately defined.

A similar structure for the five search engines

The five search engines of Codata Explorer are similarly designed:

  1. Search fields designed as menus to open or close to display more or less options
  2. The button to start the search or to reset the search fields
  3. A table to view the search results
  4. Links to Index cards, maps and downloading and printing tools.

Manage the search screens as you wish

Codata Explorer offers many search functionalities in each search engine. These functionalities are regrouped in units.

When you arrive on the search page, only the main search fields are available in order to not clutter up the screen. Further options are available. You only have to click on the "V" on the right of the title of each unit.

You may thus display or not the search fields units by clicking on "V" or "V".

Automatic suggestions for your search and smart search fields

Several smart search fields put forward results according to the first characters you enter. This will help you save time by suggesting values that have already been validated by the search engine.

Some search fields may accept several search values at the same time. In that case, these values remain displayed while you are adding others. The small cross on the right of a recorded value enables you to delete this value from your search.

Start the search

Once the search fields are completed, you may start the search via the "Search" button. Then, the table below the button will then fill with results.

A message is displayed at the top of the search page if no result could be found or for every error of the search engine.

Modify or reset the search

You may change your search on the way or after you have started your search. You only have to scroll up and open the search units you wish to modify. Then click once again on "Search".

It is possible to reset your search. Click on "Reset" to get a new unfilled search form.


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