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Not to be missed: 8 Codata Explorer tips & tricks

1. How can I find contacts & download them in vCard format?

Contact details are listed on the Retailers and Service providers index cards according to the country to which they are linked. You can find these contacts under the tabs corresponding to each country.

You can download contacts one by one in vCard format and save them in your contact manager (for instance Outlook). You can also download all contacts of a country via the "Email collection" button.

2. Where can I find pictures and the new photo galleries?

Pictures of a retail location can be accessed from:

  • the picture pictogram displayed in the list of locations

  • the location index card

  • the location icons displayed on the maps

In those three cases, you view the pictures of the Location via the picture widget of Codata Explorer.

3. Discover the new charts of shops statistics

Codata Explorer offers a detailed index card of shops statistics with many interactive charts. To display this index card, you have to click on the following button on the Site index card.

For instance, the history of the Site statistics displayed by activities allows you to (de)select one or several activities for shops and/or retailers. It also allows you to view detailed statistics on a timeline.

4. Where can I find population statistics?

To display the socio-demographic statistics of a site or of a geographical subdivision, you can click on the following buttons and links:

  • At the top of the Site index card, on each of the listed geographical subdivisions:

  • Via the button on the Site index card to display the socio-demographic statistics of the site:

5. How can I find the retail Locations of a street?

In the Locations search engine, the field "Street" becomes available as soon as you enter the name of a Site or of a Commune/Municipality in the field "Name(s)". You will notice a change of colour of the field "Street". After entering some characters of a street name, you can select a street name suggested by Codata Explorer.

However, this trick only applies for a search using a name of Commune/Municipality or Site.

6. Excessive logging off with access codes shared by several users

When you share your access codes (username and password) with a colleague, Codata Explorer forbids the simultaneous access of more than one person with the same access codes. In this way, if your colleague logs in with your username while your are logged on, you will be logged off straight away.

You can solve this problem by asking additional access to your Codata Explorer subscription. This way, several users will be able to work simultaneously with different access codes. Contact Codata to request extra access.

7. Go back to search criteria after viewing the results

After you have made a search in one of the five search engines (Locations, Sites, Projects, Retailers, Service providers) and after you have viewed the results of your search, it is always possible to display the details of your search (for instance to modify it).

It is easy: you only have to scroll up to the top of the page and click on the arrow on the right to display the fields of the search engine again:

Clicking on the arrow allows you to hide or display the search fields of the search engine.

However, you should never use the button "back" of your browser or the key "delete" for they wiIl bring you back to the previous page, i.e. the search engine with empty fields!

8. Different ways to zoom in

There are several ways to zoom in / out

  • The small ruler - The zoom level can be modified any time using the small ruler in the top left-hand corner. Zoom levels go from 1 to 17, from the country to the cadastral parcel.

  • The scroll wheel - Place the mouse pointer on a spot of the map and quickly scroll the mouse wheel. That way, you will zoom in precisely on this spot of the map.
  • The keyboard + the mouse - It is possible to zoom in on the area of your choice. Keep the shift key pressed down and select the area of your choice by clicking on the left button of your mouse. This will allow you to draw a frame that will bring you straight to the previously defined area. Only one Codata credit will be deducted. Here is the detailed procedure:
  • When you press down the shift key, the pointer of your mouse turns into a cross

  • When you click on the left button of your mouse, a red point appears in the cross

  • Move the mouse to draw a red rectangle/square that corresponds to your search

  • Release the mouse and the shift key. The map will automatically focus on the area you have selected with the corresponding zoom level.


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