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Data download

Your subscriber area allows you to manage your subscription, change a password, save and retrieve your searches, XLS files, geometries, ads.

The principle

Codata Explorer allows you to download most data displayed on the screen.

You may thus download data for your own use while respecting the general terms of Codata Explorer and your contract with Codata.

Data download

This option enables you, with simple operating menus, to select data among the available attributes that suit you.

At each step of the process, the detailed price in Codata units will be confirmed in order to avoid any mistake. At the end of the process, you will have to accept the general terms to start downloading.

The download file will remain available 30 days in your subscriber area.

Email collection

With Codata Explorer, it is possible to collect and download email addresses for direct-mail advertising.

In several steps, the process enables you to accurately select the addresses of your choice and then, after you have agreed to the general terms and terms of use, to copy them in a window or generate an email from that same window.

vCard collection

vCard is a file format with contact data that is compatible with most computer tools on the market.

This option is different from email collection. It enables you to download all contact details and data (and not only the email address) in a data format called vCard.

Codata Files

If data download is important to you, Codata also offers its online service, Codata Files, that enables you to buy comprehensive data files. See all the details on the website Codata Files.


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