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Help tools and support tools

Do you have a problem or a question about Codata Explorer? All answers and information can be found under one menu.

The source: the drop-down menu "Support" at the top of the page

All help information is regrouped under the menu "Support" that is present at the top of all Explorer pages. This menu consists of seven subheadings:

  1. Definitions
  2. For a good start
  3. How can I...
  4. Collection method
  5. FAQ
  6. Contact

Everything starts with definitions

A very specific vocabulary is used to define each terms of Codata Explorer. It is important to understand these concepts in order to always interpret accurately the data that Codata Explorer provides you with.

Codata defines seven concepts, namely:

  1. Location
  2. Site
  3. Cluster
  4. Project
  5. The list of commercial activities
  6. Retailer
  7. Service provider.

So, if there is any doubt about the comprehension of one of these seven concepts of Codata Explorer, go consult the "Definitions" heading.

For a good start: all the basics

The "For a good start" heading has been created for the new user of Codata Explorer. He/She will find all necessary information to have a good basis.

This heading is divided into sections to address each important concept of Explorer as well as all search headings and all available index cards.

How can I...: the guide of informed users

Codata has gathered up in one heading the guides for most research that the commercial real estate professionals regularly carry out.

The name of each section relates to an actual scenario of use of Explorer such as:

  • drawing up a development plan
  • searching for retailers for a vacant location
  • knowing a commercial Site and its urban agglomeration, etc.

Codata data

It is important to understand the features linked to data collection to understand information (such as their validity in time) available in Codata Explorer.

This information is collected on the field according to a specific geographic coverage and criteria peculiar to Codata. Other official data sources are also used to complete field data.

This heading will give you the tools to interpret accurately Codata data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): the answer to small technical problems

Technical issues might occur in your daily use of Explorer. You will find answers to most technical problems in the FAQ heading.

There, you will find precise answers to questions such as:

  • my PDF file is a blank page
  • how can I print a PDF map
  • why do the 360° panoramic views not open, etc.

Contact Codata: because we remain available

As a last resort, don't hesitate to contact Codata to aks us your question(s). You may:

  • click here to fill in the contact form
  • send an email at the address
  • contact us by phone at any of the numbers below.

We are at your side to ensure your satisfaction. If your question has remained unanswered, contact us.


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