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Polygons – Backup – Recovery – Modification of the style

Save a geometry

Click on the "Save geometry" pictogram in the options window

Recovery of a saved geometry

Any saved geometry can be retrieved in several ways

Via your subscriber area

By clicking on "My saved geometries", you will have access to the list of these geometries.

From this list, you will be able to rename the geometry, edit its style, delete it and retrieve it by displaying it on a map.

Via the search engines

By loading it into the "Place(s)/Site(s)" criterion of the search engines.

Via the cartographic interface

By clicking on the "Add a geometry" tab in the mapping tools

After choosing to load a geometry from the search engines or from the cartographic interface, a window containing all your saved geometries opens. Then you just have to choose the geometry you want to retrieve

Modify the style of a geometry

After drawing the geometry, you can modify its color and opacity in several ways:

Via the cartographic interface, by clicking on the "Edit the style of the geometry" picto in the options window

Via the subscriber area, by clicking on the "Edit the style of the geometry" picto in the list of saved geometries

After performing one of these two operations, an editing window (thanks to which you will be able to modify the style of your geometry) opens


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