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Use the notifications

You will find on each of the index cards a "Report a change" button. If you have noticed an anomaly, error or failure, you will be able to access a form to report it to the Codata team.

Access to the notifications

Notifications are personal and can be accessed from several places:

  • The userbar in the top right corner of every pages of Codata Explorer

  • The "Notifications" menu of your subscriber area.

Consult and manage one's notifications

The detail of Codata notifications is displayed in a section of your subscriber area.

  • A small envelope and a bold title mean that a notification has not been read yet.
  • By clicking on the title of the notification, you will display its contents. The colour of the title will change.
  • You can delete the notification with a specific button
  • You can reopen a notification you have already read by clicking on "V" on the right of the title.


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