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Know a Retailer?

The search engine allows you to select retailers according to multiple criteria: name, group, legal name, person of contact, activities, development criteria etc.

With an example, let's discover the features of a retailer in Codata Explorer.

The first result displays the list of retailers corresponding to the search.

Let's choose one of them.

Information common to all countries

On the retailer index card, information common to all countries appears first: logo, activities, website, development criteria, number of shops by country.

On the same index card, you also have the number of shops listed in the different studied countries (according to the dates and perimeters of Codata censuses).

A tab is available for each country listed by Codata where the retailer is present.

Information specific to each country in which the retailer is present

For the chosen country, you have the distribution of the shops run by the retailer classified by type of site and type of establishment.

You have the addresses of the offices as well as the name of the people in charge of real estate development or expansion. In most cases, you also have their direct phone number and email address.

Link to the list of retail locations of the retailer

In one click, you get to the list of the shops run by the retailer in the chosen country.

You have the number of shops and their precise address. You can establish a classification in ascending or descending order for the different variables.

In one click, you can display the picture of the shop (only available for city centres).

The detailed map is also available for each shop.

Link to the list of sites in which the retailer is present

In one click, you get to the list of the shops run by the retailer in the chosen country.

The number of sites can differ from the number of retail locations as a retailer can have several locations on a same site.

By clicking on the link "Display these Sites on a map", you open the cartographic interface at the adequate zoom level.

All you need to do is use the option to visualise sites or locations to get the map of the retailer's locations in the chosen country.

Compile your presentation report

All available data, all lists and all maps can be downloaded in PDF format. Thus, Codata Explorer gives you the opportunity to compile your presentation reports and to customise them by integrating the lists, index cards and visual effects of your choice.
You can also download data in XLS format. This will enable you to treat it differently and/or import it in your own databases.
If you need help regarding download, see "Data download".

A whole presentation report can be made for a retailer with Codata Explorer.
This report will include the retailer index card, its development criteria, the contact details of the people in charge of real estate or expansion, as well as the list and the map of the shops country by country.