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Know a Site and its urban Agglomeration?

With Codata Explorer, you can know the commercial organisation of any geographical area: Site, commercial Cluster, city, urban agglomeration, province, region or country.
You can also compile a presentation report using the various elements that can be downloaded.

With an example, let's discover the features of a Site and its environment in Codata Explorer.

Search and list of Site(s)

Enter the geographical area of your choice in the Site search engine. Let's take the urban unit of Reims (France) as an example.

All Sites listed in the chosen geographical area appear in the list.

Sites such as "shopping streets" and "retail areas" are aligned to the left.

Sites such as "shopping centres", "train stations - airports", "retail parks", "outlet centres" and "shopping galleries" are moved to the right .

It indicates that they are situated within the perimeters of "shopping streets" or "retail areas".

In the list, the distinction between the various commercial Clusters is drawn by a blank space as well as by the addition of shops and retailers in the various Sites that form the Cluster.

Links to the cartographic interface

Display the map at the zoom level of the chosen geographical area

Click on the link "Display these Sites on a map" to open the cartographic interface at the zoom level of the urban agglomeration.

It allows you to locate Sites in relation to each other. Anchor stores are indicated according to their sales area and the chosen zoom level.

It is possible to measure the distance separating two Sites.

All commercial Projects of the urban agglomeration are located by a star.

You can click on each star. The link points to a tooltip containing brief information from which you can display the detailed index card of the Project.

Display the map at the zoom level of the chosen Site

Display the cartographic interface at the chosen zoom level by clickling on the "map pictogram" located on each Site line.

Black dotted lines delimit the perimeter within which an exhaustive census is carried out on a regular basis.

Display the search results

It is possible to display the search results on the map.

To do this, you have to refine your search. For instance, select criteria such as shops providing "Footwear - Leather goods" on the urban unit of Reims.

You get the list of Sites and you display the cartographic interface by clicking on the "map pictogram" located at the end of a Site line.

You can now visualise the positioning of leather goods and footwear shops on the selected Site.

It should be noted that this tool allows you to display the locations, the Sites, the Projects as well as the out of criteria elements corresponding to your search.

In each case, you can click on the point of interest. It will lead you to a window providing further information.

Thematic map

The "Thematic map" tool allows you to display different criteria according to various colour codes.

  • Activities

  • New shops that appeared between the last two censuses

  • Retailers

  • Vacant locations

Customisation / Pictograms

This heading allows you to insert pictograms in the map. You will thus be able to highlight the shop(s) of your choice.

The chosen pictogram remains on the map unless you disable it. It will appear on the map when you save and print the PDF file.

Measuring tools

The "Measuring tools" area offers you 3 tools to measure distances, perimeters and surface areas.

To measure a distance, select the starting point with a left click. Define the distance using the red mark. Conclude with a second left click on the map.
Click again on the pictogram in the left column to deselect it.

To measure a surface area, select the vertices of the surface area you wish to measure with a left click and conclude with a double left click.
Click again on the pictogram in the left column to deselect it.

Links to the locations of each Site

From the list of Sites, you can get the list of locations and shops registered on each Site. You only have to click on the number of shops present on the Site of your choice. Likewise, you can get the list of retailers listed on the Site by clickling on the number of retailers.

You get the list of all locations registered within the perimeter of the chosen Site.

Links to Site index cards and statistics

Different index cards and statistics are available to allow you to better know the chosen Site.

Detailed Site index card

Display it very easily by clicking on the name of the Site of your choice.

Statistics on the shops of the Site

Display the statistics very easily by clicking on the link of the Site index card.

On this index card, you will find the commercial density rate and the vacancy rate, the distribution of retailers by activity, a history of those various elements as detailed charts and tables, among other information.

Socio-demographic statistics

Display the statistics very easily by clicking on the link of the Site index card.

On this index card, you will find the distribution of the population by sex and age, a comparative table between unemployment and activity rate, the income levels and the number of households, among other information.

Compile your presentation report

All available data, all lists and all maps can be downloaded in PDF format. Thus, Codata Explorer gives you the opportunity to compile your presentation reports and to customise them by integrating the lists, index cards and visual effects of your choice.
You can also download data in XLS format. This will enable you to treat it differently and/or import it in your own databases.
If you need help regarding download, see "Data download".

A whole presentation report can be made for a Site with Codata Explorer.
This presentation report will include a detailed index card, detailed maps, pictures and statistics. All these elements are dated and compiled with precision.


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